Foto van het Twitteraccount @Bus12Utrecht

Is bus 12 full yet? Probably.


If there’s one bus that’s infamous in Utrecht, it’s probably bus 12. Since last week, the bus is now immortalized in its own Twitter account. It’s a way for HU student Jesse van Someren to honor the last “year of its life”.

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When, in September 2018, the Uithof tram is open for business, it simultaneously means the end of bus 12. The route belongs to the collective memory of many a student. Even if you ride your bike to the Science Park, you’ll know the bus that’s almost always stuffed full of students. Perhaps it’s even a reason you take the bike instead.

Saying goodbye to a legend can’t be done quietly, says HU student Jesse van Someren, who calls bus 12 “U-OV’s most beautiful baby”. For that reason, he recently launched the Twitter account @Bus12Utrecht. The Twitter account has its own poetic and appropriate way of honoring the bus, by simply stating whether or not the bus is full yet. Van Someren told the newspaper AD/Utrechts Nieuwsblad: “It’s fascinating to me to see how full the bus always is and how people cram themselves into it. I wanted to picture that.”

It’s the stuff for lots of schadenfreude. You can’t help but smile at seeing a photo of far too many students waiting in front of the bus (that’s never going to fit). Of the dry humor Jesse uses: “Have you spotted an empty bus 12 coming towards you, but you’re in the mood for one that’s filled to the brim? I recommend trying the bus 28 around this time of day!” and “Is bus 12 full yet? No, of course not, it’s Saturday night.”


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