Students will no longer be allowed to work out at the bootcamp area near IBB after 09:00pm. Photo: DUB

Curfew will not affect exams in the evening time


It's official: the Dutch House of Representatives has given its green light for a curfew starting tomorrow. People are not allowed on the street after 9:00 pm. Contrary to what was first announced, Minister of Justice Ferdinand Grapperhaus stated that students going back home from exams taken in the evening time are exempt from the curfew.

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After a partial lockdown and a total lockdown failed to yield the expected results, the Dutch government decided to use yet another weapon against the spread of the coronavirus: an evening curfew set to last from tomorrow, January 23, up until February 9. Between 9:00pm and 04:30 am, no one will be allowed on the street, with a few exceptions.

Yesterday, the House of Representatives was confused about what to do with university exams scheduled for the evening time. Initially, they said the curfew would not apply to students coming home from exams, but that decision was revoked later: higher education institutions would have to reschedule all exams set to take place in the evening time. Then, several political parties urged the cabinet to concede students that exception, echoing the statements of higher education institutions, who had asked for the same the day before.

Two notes
Students, teachers and workers who have to be on the street after 9:00 pm because of an exam must carry a handwritten note about their situation, as well as a letter from the university.

The Dutch House of Representatives spent a long time discussing the curfew this week. The measure is quite controversial. However, a motion by the D66 party proposing to start the curfew at 9:00 pm instead of 8:30 pm allowed for it to obtain the majority of votes.

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