Only UU students allowed in the University Libraries coming exam period

The time has come: from Monday 15 October up to (and including) Friday 9 November, only UU students can claim a place at one of the 1500 study spots of the two University Libraries. The University made this decision after a study showed that 40 percent of the visitors of  a study spot in the University Library at De Uithof and in the city center did not work or study at the UU. The University Council has insisted on reserving the University Library for UU students during the exam period.

From 15 October, UU students and non-UU students will already be separated at the entrance of the two University Libraries. People from outside the Utrecht University do not get beyond the desk. At this desk, they are allowed to loan or return a book. If they want to see a book that is not available to be loaned, they will be escorted to a so-called consultation point. A consultation place is not a study spot now either.

Those who want to go to a study spot must be able to identify themselves with proof of enrollment (student card), with the campus card or the UMC employee card. If there is any doubt about the identity of the visitor, security can request an additional proof of identity. It could of course happen that a family member of a student tries to claim a spot to study with their student card.

On Monday 1 October, the University will start a publicity campaign in collaboration with Utrecht University of Applied Sciences to inform all students about the stricter admission policy of the University Library. This will be a testing period.

The University will also point out to students the existence of the Studyspot app. On this app, you can see where there are free spots in the University Library. However, the information provided by Studyspot is not reliable, according to questions which were asked at the University Council meeting on Monday 24 September to the Executive Board. The app only indicates that a place is occupied when someone logs in on a desktop computer in the University Library. Whoever comes with his own laptop is not registered.

The University recognizes this problem. The Executive Board is examining various ways to make the app more reliable, but no solution has yet been provided for the upcoming exam period.