Giveaway: win an STI home test kit


The demand for STI tests at Utrecht's anonymous STI clinic has risen to such an extent that people now have to wait two weeks for an appointment. A rapid test kit can be the solution, which is why DUB is giving away ten of them. 

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One would expect the demand for STI tests to drop now that we're recommended to keep 1,5 meters of distance from each other. But nothing could be further from the truth. Requests are going through the roof at the STI clinic in Utrecht, so much so that there's a two-week waiting list for an appointment. 

Those interested in knowing whether they have or have not contracted a sexually transmitted disease can still contact their general practioner (huisarts) or visit, a website where you can order self test kits for chlamydia and gonorrhea, the most common STDs. It works as follows: the company sends the test kit to your home, you follow the package's instructions and then send back a sample such as urine or swab. The material is then sent to a lab and you receive a certified result within 48 hours.

DUB is giving away 10 STI test kits. Interested? Send us an e-mail (which we will handle as discreetly as possible. All messages will be deleted as soon as the giveaway ends). The winners will receive a coupon code allowing them to anonymously order a remote diagnosis for free. Please send your e-mail to before October 30. 

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