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Win a FocusBox and never be distracted by your phone again


Do you have a hard time staying focused on your studies or work? Do you sometimes grab your phone just to check your messages and, the next thing you know, you've been scrolling for half an hour? Then a FocuxBox is perfect for you! It is a time locking container to keep distractions and temptations away. DUB is giving away one box.

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Students Nando Ramadhin and Sil Oeldrich suffered from the same problem, which is why they came up with the FocusBox, launched this week on their website FocusFamily.

"We get constant messages via Whatsapp, Instagram or Snapchat. With each notification, the most of us tend to grab the phone to check out what it is," explains Sil. "Did you know that it takes 25 minutes on average to fully focus on your work again after you get a notification?" That's according to a research conducted in the University of California back in 2005.

Nando highlights that the FocusBox can be especially useful now that the most of us are working and studying from home. "At home we get distracted much more easily," he says. "We've also noticed that it takes less time for people to grab their phone when a class is being offered online instead of face to face. The FocusBox can, therefore, help in that regard."

The product can also be used to guarantee some quality time with friends and family. Thanks to its time locking device, users can determine how long the box will stay locked. 

Do you think a FocusBox could help you? Then don't hesitate to send us an e-mail to get a chance of winning one. Send your full name, address and phone number before December 4 to The winner will receive a message from us. 

DUB readers get a discount
If you don't win it, don't be sad. By using the coupon code DUB10 on the FocusFamily online store you get a 10 percent discount. The offer is valid until Sunday, December 6.

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