03/03 Online CBR Workshop: Ethnographic Interviewing

Are you doing an internship for your master programme? Would you like to build or refresh your skills in conducting interviews? What kind of ethical dilemmas a researcher should conscious about while engaging with diverse audiences?

In a reality where words matter and meanings change in evolving social and cultural contexts, a researcher needs to know how to adapt questions to differing audiences. This workshop (March 3rd 14.00-16.00) discusses ethnographic research methods and consider the ethical dimensions of working with community members. You will practice interviewing techniques while considering the power relations and possibilities for establishing rapport with a focus on the participants’ current research contexts.

The workshop is organized by Community-based Research for the Humanities and facilitated by Dr. Deborah Cole. Our project helps students and lecturers join forces with civic partners from the (local) community to connect the teaching and learning of research skills to real-world issues.

Register by sending an email to ucu.cbr@uu.nl