20/04 CCSS Complexaton Finale - Win a Science x Porcelain gift as audience

This is the finale of the CCSS Complexaton. The four participating teams will give their final presentations about the innovative solutions they proposed to solve the challenges, three external jury members will decide the winning team shortly after all the presentations, and the director of the CCSS Prof. Henk Dijkstra will issue the prizes of €1000 to the winning team. Everyone is welcome!

We cordially invite you to this exciting event and witness which team will provide the most innovative solution to one of the challenges. You can win a Science x Porcelain gift "About cleaning up plastic in the oceans" of which design is originated from the research results of Dr. Erik van Sebille, the representative of Challenge 5!

To attend this meeting, please click this link at 15:00 on Tuesday 20th of April 2021.


15:00-15:05   Opening

15:05-15:30   Solutions to Challenge 5 "Trawling through the rubbish: Data mining of the scientific literature on marine plastic pollution"

By team "MS": Qixiang Fang, Mehran Moazeni, Sebastian Mildiner Moraga

15:30-15:55   Solutions to Challenge 6 "Networks and chemical evolution of oil paintings"

By team "Groepje H": Francesco Carere, Bas Doorenbos, Lorenzo Sierra Perez, Jelle Soons

15:55-16:20   Solutions to Challenge 1 "Pathways for affordable, sustainable and healthy diets"

By team "Food Complexity": Diego Osorio, Dung Phuong Le (WUR), Ma Suza (WUR), Alexandra Krendelsberger (WUR)

16:20-16:45   Solutions to Challenge 4 "Regional Embodied Knowledge Flows"

By team "Complexiteers": Franziska Tinnefeld, Aaron Schade, Marly Celis, Pei Dong

16:45-16:55   Pitch on the Science x Porcelain design of "About cleaning up plastic in the oceans"

By Dr. Erik van Sebille

16:55-17:00   Announcing the winning team and lucky draw for Science x Porcelain

By Prof. Henk Dijkstra

Assessment Criteria:

  • Originality of the solution(s) proposed (30%)
  • Actual progress on solving the challenge, based on the final report as well as the feedback from the representative (50%)
  • Communication of the results: final presentation (20%)

Timeline and Procedure:

Meeting Details

Each team will have 15 minutes to present their final solutions to the challenges, and 10 minutes for Q&A including feedback from the representatives.

To attend this meeting, please click this link at 15:00 on Tuesday 20th of April 2021.

You are free to join the event without a Microsoft Teams account, the link above will direct you to open Teams on the web or download the program, and you can easily join the event as a guest in Teams.

Need more instructions? Check this page or this short video.

For more details about the Complexaton, please check here.