Online Community-based Research Workshops: practical skills for doing research in society

Would you like to boost your skills for working in non-academic contexts? The Community-based Research for the Humanities at Utrecht University offers a series of workshops that support you in practical dimensions of conducting projects in the outside world. Our project helps students and lecturers join forces with civic partners from the (local) community to connect the teaching and learning of research skills to real-world issues.

These workshops emphasise interdisciplinary skills involved in ethnographic interviewing, communicating for audiences beyond the academy and using audio-visual methods as an alternative for presenting outcomes. The workshops include theory and methods useful for working in real world contexts. Workshops have a self-directed preparation component, which you prepare beforehand, and an interactive session with faculty facilitators. Facilitators provide short presentations and/or hands–on exercises for direct application in your current research internship. You can bring questions and examples from your own work for use in the workshops, and benefit immediately from engaged feedback from facilitators and peers.

May 19, 2021 (14:00-16:00) - Online

May 26, 2021 (14:00-16:00) - Online

June 2, 2021 (14:00-16:00) - Online

  • Making Audio-Visual Productions (You are introduced to basic methods of documentary filmmaking, interviewing ‘on camera’, sound recording and key aspects of camerawork to improve the video reporting you can do with your phone)
    Facilitator: Sanne Sprenger.

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