Foto: DUB

Graduates can exchange blank diploma tube


Students who did not receive an official UU-tube with their graduation diploma last month can breathe a sigh of relief. On two days in December they can exchange the bare cardboard tube for a UU-printed copy.

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Due to a fire in a warehouse of the supplier, a stock of seven thousand official UU -tubes went up in flames in September. It is  estimated that about 1,600 graduates were given their graduation diploma in October and early November in a blank tube without an official UU print. This had been a remarkably big deal, according to the many Facebook reactions that the DUB article received.

The University has now decided to give those inflicted the opportunity to come and collect an official tube. This can be done on 11 and 14 December at the reception of the Academiegebouw during opening hours.dub


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