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DUB is the independent news and opinions site with current news and background articles centered around the university community in Utrecht. It’s a platform for information, insights, and debate. DUB is an essential source for students and employees who are involved with the UU.

The editorial board appreciates readers contributions. If you wish to contribute an opinion, or if you wish to tip us off about news, please contact us through dubredactie@uu.nl or call us at 030 – 253 3335.

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DUB’s editorial board consists of

          Ries Agterberg , phone no. 030 253 1640  (editor-in-chief / mail)

·         Xander Bronkhorst , phone no. 030 253 2654/ mail)

·         Sanne La Grouw , phone no. 030 253 1972/ mail)

·         Gwenda Knobel , phone no. 030 253 1184/ mail)

·         Helga Wellink , phone no. 030 253 4671/ mail)

·         Sarah van den Brink , phone no. 030 253 3335/ mail)

Webmaster: Chris Konings (C.Konings@uu.nl) and the H&S web team.

Translations on the English website by Indra Spronk and Minthe Woudstra.

Freelancers: Kitty Beem, Rick Bergfeld, Nina Bogosavac, Emiel van Dongen,  Erik Hardeman, Tim de Hullu,  Rosanne de Jong, Anne Karthaus, Eva de Koeijer, Bas Koppe, Wieneke van Koppen, Fredrica van Mastrigt, Matthijs Meulblok, Denise Retera, Filipo Ricci, Lisanne van Sadelhoff, Jeroen Sturing, Jelle Talsma,  Robert Urbascheck,Eva Verbeek, Cas van Vliet, Kees Wagemans, Simon de Wilde. 

Regular contributors: Baaierd, Niels Bongers (cartoons), Nina van der Bent, Hans Clevers, Ype Driessen(3Hoog), Sanli Faez, Michiel Hekkens (campuscolumnist), Nanna de Jong (cartoons), Ivar Pel (Fotografie), Charlotte Remarque,  Madelijk Strick, Jeroen Vermeulen, Dom Weinberg.

Editorial council: Pieter Hooimeijer  (voorzitter), Jip den Held (studentlid), Michiel de Hoog (extern lid) Bas Mesters (extern lid), Anja Smit (OBP), Berteke Waaldijk (WP),  Jose Kamal (studentlid), Anne marie Partridge (ambtelijk secretaris).

DUB is affiliated with the Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau (Higher Education Press Bureau, or HOP). The HOP writes exclusively about higher education. Phone no.: 020 – 3880040 / mail.

DUB is a journalism medium. Reproduction of information is allowed if credits are provided; for digital reproductions, a link to our site is mandatory. Copying articles is only allowed after gaining permission from the editorial board.

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DUB takes copyrights seriously and always tries to properly credit published photos. If you find a photo published on our website with incorrect or incomplete credits, please let the editorial board know.

Content-wise, DUB is independent. An editorial council supervises DUB’s journalistic integrity and methods.

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