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Humanities faculty launches committee ‘Diversity in the curriculum’


Diversity will be a big deal at the UU for the next few years at least. But how diverse is the education of the Faculty of Humanities, really? A brand new committee will attempt to create an overview.

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The new committee ‘Diversity in the curriculum’ will create an overview of classes about diversity within the Faculty of Humanities. The group will also consider how this ‘diverse selection’ should be presented to the students.

The goal? To make classes that focus on diversity more visible to students, both from within and outside the faculty, as the faculty’s Strategic Plan states. Also: “This aspect will be communicated more clearly to the outside world.”

What, exactly, is meant by the term ‘diversity’, is not entirely clear yet. Joas Wagemakers, assistant professor and member of the committee, says “first the task force will need to decide what exactly is meant by ‘diversity’, and what we’re going to do with that.”

The strategic plan, at least, contains some examples, as diversity ‘touches the core’ of what teachers and students of humanities study. “Particularly, expressions and behavior of people who in many aspects differ from them, be it culturally, linguistically, temporally, philosophically, socio-economically, politically, geographically, sexually, gender-wise or physically.”

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