University Library visitors who are not UU students are requested to study elsewhere.. Photo: DUB

Only UU students in University Library: ‘It is nice to have more space'


From this week onwards, only UU students and staff are welcome in the University Libraries. Others will be refused until the end of the examination period on the 9th of November.

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The demand for study spots in the two University Libraries is much larger than the 1500 spots offered. A research conducted by the University Library showed that non-UU members hold 40 percent of the study spots during the examination period. The refusal of external students is therefore, according to the UU, an obvious measure that must be tested. That is why UU will hold a pilot during this exam period and reserve the libraries for UU students.

From now on to Amsterdam
Malika is already waiting in front of the doors of the University Library in the city center. “If you are not yet inside by nine, you often cannot find a spot anymore. Secretly, I think it is nice that there is more space. On the other hand, HU only has study places in De Uithof, so I actually think they should be allowed to use the University Library in the city center.”

In order to check whether a visitor is actually a student or employee at the UU, that person must first identify himself. This can be done on the basis of a campus card or the digital student card and an ID card, because there is no photo on the student card. Student Roos of the VU Amsterdam is kindly referred to the canteen of the building after the check, where she is allowed to sit. “I still live in Utrecht, so I often go to the University Library to study. Because it is always so busy, I have come early on purpose, but from now on I will go to Amsterdam.”

No excuses
At the University Library in De Uithof, the need to show your ID is also strictly enforced. Students who are not allowed to enter are referred to the Van Unnik or Ruppert building and the HU library. Two students try to come in together. The student card will not load with one of them. She is referred to an employee who checks her data. Then she appears to be studying at the HU. Together they decide to divert to a different study location.

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