10/03 Online CBR Workshop: Communicating for Audiences beyond the Academy

Are you doing an internship for your masters programme? Would you like to learn more on how to communicate the value of your research beyond academia? When engaging with societal actors, it is important to present your work by using language that matches the expectations of your audience, and these may differ from the ones that you use in the academia.

This workshop guide you through considerations relevant for communicating with different audiences. Bring your current writing projects to this workshop to participate in a series of exercises in which you will revise and translate key concepts in your work for various audiences.

The workshop is organized by Community-based Research for the Humanities and facilitated by Dr. Jocelyn Ballantyne and Dr. Deborah Cole. Our project helps students and lecturers join forces with civic partners from the (local) community to connect the teaching and learning of research skills to real-world issues.

Date and Time: 

Register by sending an email to ucu.cbr@uu.nl