University College

All the university's institutions and agencies for internationalrelations will be brought under the same roof in UniversityCollege's turreted 'Poortgebouw' (gatehouse). These include theInternational Relations Department, the International NeighbourGroup, AIESEC, AEGEE, SIB and Erasmus Network. The Poortgebouw'sfunction will be purely administrative. One of the spaces will beprepared for presentations, receptions, parties, talks etc. Guestsfrom abroad (students and lecturers) will have to be accommodatedelsewhere.


Most probably no students nor lecturers from the University ofTwente were killed at last week's disaster in Enschede. Anestimated 225 students and 40 university staff lived in thedistrict. Temporary accommodation has been found on the universitycampus for thirty of the victims, whose houses were heavilydamaged. Damage to the university itself was slight. A number ofwindows were shattered and ceilings collapsed in five buildings.The campus is some kilometres from the exploded fireworks factory,and all university departments will be working normally.


Last Friday Sara Kroos won the final of the sixth edition of theParnassos Cabaret Try-out Podium Awards. She was also the winner ofthe public award at the much bigger Leiden Cabaret Festival. Sarahas only been doing cabaret for just under a year, but we willsurely hear more about her in the future. She studied drama, musicand dance at Utrecht's drama school for six months, and had beenperforming in public. But, as she says "I introduced some humourinto the show and started calling it cabaret only a year ago."

Emmy award

Michael King, a student at the University of Amsterdam, lastweek won an Emmy Award with 'Bangin', a documentary about youthviolence in Connecticut. The Emmy Awards are the televisionequivalents of the Hollywood Oscars. Michael is of American originand is taking a Master's in Cinematography and Television Studiesin Amsterdam. He was completely overwhelmed by the award. "I simplycan't believe it. I want to feel that statuette, and smell it'.Michael is currently preparing a documentary about racial attitudesin the fashion and advertising industries.