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Research of Utrecht and Rotterdam researchers offers prospect of corona inhibitor


Utrecht researchers from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, together with colleagues from Erasmus MC, have developed an antibody that can inhibit the coronavirus. An article in the Rotterdam Erasmus Magazine about the discovery immediately generated great interest. The Utrecht research leader Berend-Jan Bosch tempered the expectations.

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An interview with the Rotterdam professor of cell biology Frank Grosveld talks about the discovery of the antibody against the coronavirus. The scoop of Erasmus Magazine attracts great interest. A tweet about the article was shared 250 times. Partly because of this, the website of the Rotterdam University medium became overloaded.

Since Thursday evening, the discovery of the Utrecht and Rotterdam researchers has been online on BioRxiv - a website on which research "open access" can be published before it has been reviewed by a scientific journal.

Utrecht University tempered expectations with a message on Saturday. It says the research is a first promising step, "but it is still far too early to speculate on its potential efficacy in humans". The Utrecht research leader Berend-Jan Bosch does not wish to comment further, pending acceptance of the article.


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